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The municipality of Litchfield is a short distance from Canada's capital region. It's beautiful countryside is bordered on the west by the Ottawa River, on the east by Thorne and Clarendon, on the south by Portage du Fort and on the north by Mansfield. The municipality of Litchfield, known for being one of the oldest municipalities in the County, includes sectors of Vinton, Campbell's Bay, Bryson and Portage du Fort.



Litchfield, a predominately farming community, offers rich farm land and a variety of resources for the outdoorsman. The outdoorsman is provided with woods, streams, lakes, and the Ottawa River, which are also valued attractions of the beautiful countryside that all visitors are sure to enjoy. In the winter months, Litchfield offers various opportunities and resources for activities such as snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and ice-fishing.


Agriculture and Industry

Litchfield offers farm land and a variety of resources for small family businesses and the larger entrepreneur as well. At present, major industries include agriculture, forestry and an industrial park which hosts various types of operations. The municipality is continuously working in partnership with different organizations and the MRC to improve the economic state of the municipality and welcomes new and innovative technology.


Cottage Living

The beautiful landscape of Litchfield includes forests, lakes, streams, parks and the Ottawa River which make cottage life very attractive as a holiday escape and as well as permanent residential option for many. Easy access to the larger cities makes cottage living extremely feasible. The feeling of community makes living in the country very desirable for families and retirees.

The natural resources available are suitable for the outdoorsman and tourists alike. Fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and various other natural resources provide the best of what nature has to offer.



The municipality of Litchfield was erected on November 20th, 1846, with it’s first mayor being Alfred Lancaster. The municipality’s first meeting was held in the home of Samuel Moorehead in December 1847, a home that can still be seen today. The Pontiac County Council Building was erected in Litchfield in 1964 just across from the municipality of Campbell’s Bay.

Litchfield contains sectors of Vinton, an Irish settlement once known as St. Elizabeth of Franktown, Campbell’s Bay, Bryson and Portage du Fort. At one time, the pulp and paper mill located within the municipality of Litchfield was the Pontiac’s biggest industry. Litchfield’s first sawmill was located at Long Lake and was run by John Smith. Two other sawmills were located at Long Lake and were run by Pete Hearty and Mick McCrank. An additional sawmill was operated by Mr. Letts on Serpentine Creek, also known as Bernard Creek.

No municipal elections were held in Litchfield in the 45 years from 1913 to 1958. The current council contains 6 seats, with Colleen Larivière being the current mayor.


Population (Mamrot) 476
Aboriginal Identity Population 35
Total Population 15 years and Older 395
French Mother Tongue Population 125
English Mother Tongue Population 315
Total Private Households 305
Land Area (Mamrot) 178.96km2