To the taxpayers Litchfield:

As your newly elected mayor, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to thank you for entrusting me with your confidence to lead and guide our municipality over the next four years.

It is my intention to ensure the most cost effective use of our tax dollars. We are in the process of streamlining and restructuring the daily activities of the municipality; I believe this is fundamental to providing efficient and well-managed services within a reasonable timeframe to the taxpayers of Litchfield.


On January 9th last, the municipal council of Litchfield adopted the 2014 budget.  The projected surplus for 2013 was $78,779, of which council appropriated $54,797 to the 2014 budget, thus helping to reduce the tax increase for this year. The mill rate increased from $0.85 to $0.87 per $100 evaluation, the cost of waste management remains at $100 per household.

In August 2013, the municipality received authorization to proceed with a borrowing by-law in the amount of $320,963.  The amount of the borrowing by-law will be subsidized by a program established by the Quebec government to help municipalities that have suffered the loss of tax revenue due to industry closures. At that time, the municipal council decided to use the grant money to purchase a new grader in the amount of $315,008.


In 2013, the municipality received $428,682 from the gas tax grant (TECQ). This grant was used to partially pave Laforest and Church roads.  To date, the municipality’s contribution to this project is approximately 

The council is aware of the issues related to the paving of Laforest road and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are rectified in the spring.

The municipality of Litchfield has numerous side roads, most of which are opened during the winter months.  However, some are not and therefore, we are asking residents to advise council in writing no later than October 31st if they wish that a particular road be opened. The council will review the requests yearly and decide if it is feasible to open the road. 

Municipal Office

The municipal council is exploring various options regarding a new municipal office. Presently, very few existing buildings on our territory are suitable to house our municipal office and, when building a public building such as a municipal office, the requirements are stringent. Therefore, the municipal council will proceed with vigilance, and in accordance with municipal regulations while assuring that our municipal tax dollars are well spent.

Fire department

The firefighters continue their inspection of smoke detectors and other safety concerns in homes and cottages. We thank the population for their cooperation in this matter. In 2013, the fire department responded to 9 fires and 34 medical calls in our municipality.

Renovation programs-information

I would like to take the opportunity to advise the residents of Litchfield of two different programs that could possibly help you with financial assistance to upgrade your home. Rénovillage is a program that allows low-income households living in rural areas to get work done on their home if it has one or more major defects. The other program is the Residential Adaptation Assistance program which is designed to help homeowners with disabilities remain in their homes longer.  Please contact Mr. Louis Caron at the MRC Pontiac at 819-648-5689 ext.229 for more information regarding the above-mentioned programs.

In closing

I am confident that your new municipal council will continue to work together for the betterment of our municipality. I am looking forward to bringing a new and positive image to the Municipality of Litchfield. If you have any questions, please call the municipal office at 819-648-5511 or email at or

Your Mayor,
Colleen Larivière